my thoughts are so incoherent it frustrates me so much when i cant put what i’m thinking and how i feel into words. i’m always having so much on my mind and everytime i even attempt to pen it down nothing structural comes up i feel so irritated and frustated always.
/ i don’t know why there’s such a person like you i mean like it’s not my fault that i don’t return the feelings that you have for me (this sounds horrible but whatever its late & i cant think) and you know that by constantly asking me out it’s putting me at a spot. when i don’t reply immediately you get all offended and sensitive and insecure about shit and vent your anger on me like what i don’t have any feelings? fuck no man get your facts right. everything that you talk about revolves around you and ONLY you and you expect me to keep the damn conversation going? like what you think it’s so easy and pleasant talking to someone who treats you like you’re a whole level lower than you and always flaunts the shit that you’re gonna buy in london FUCK NO IT DOESN’T EVEN CONCERN ME so pack your things and leave if all that you’re gonna say is about you you you and you. you get all insecure and tell me you’re gonna “cut” i really doubt that you even do so stop using that to attract attention and make me talk to you because hell no i wont it irritates me like hell i swear.
/ tbh i’m such a useless and mean and insensitive person that nobody should ever come near because i really am that bad. i’m not nice to people (in actual fact im mean af i must admit) i lie i contradict myself all i do is eat and get fat and useless i suck at the things i love to do most (dance piano writing) im absolutely a piece of useless garbage with darn bad attitude im fake as fuck nothing about me is good im such an unpleasant person idek how my family puts up with me at all.
/ i’m always overwhelmed with so many strong emotions at the weirdest times with the weirdest thoughts especially at night so i should really sleep soon (sleep > everything)

why do i even care in the first place it’s not as if i haven’t been warned that you’re someone with such an ugly personality. i expected way too much haha silly me, trusting people whom i know i shouldn’t and getting hurt time and again. can’t remember the last time i was so bothered by someone so insignificant